About me

My name is Kévin and I am a software engineer specialized in backend applications. I started web development in 2008 and acquired a strong knowledge and expertise in this field over time.

I want this page to be a "not-so-formal" description of who I am, my main skills and why I think I am a great software engineer and why you should hire me. For a more formal introduction, you can download my résumé.

Software quality, scalability and Service Oriented Architecture are subjects that fascinate me. I do my best to improve myself in these fields but I also try to open my perspective to other domains like compilation and static analysis.

Generally speaking, I love working and sharing on topics related to software architecture and software quality. I like to see myself as a passionate developer, an Open Source enthusiast and an eternal learner.

What I am looking for

Challenge motivates me. Even if I have mainly worked on PHP and Ruby applications, I crave opportunities to discover new technologies and concepts.

I love learning. If you use programming languages or tools that I have not already mastered, I probably already heard about it and I definitely am confident that I can quickly become proficient with it.

I am interested in various topics. Pure development, architecture and clean code, scalability and performance concerns, monitoring and SRE are all topics that I am interested in. And there are a lot more!

I know things

I am a great developer. I am efficient with PHP and I know its ecosystem pretty well. Regexes don't frighten me and neither do tricky SQL requests or an obscure server configuration. My code is clean, tested and meant to be readable by humans. In addition to PHP, I know my way around Ruby and Bash and I have played with Python, Go and I am interested by Rust.

I am curious. When I find something interesting or curious, I take the time to investigate it. That's how I found out why PHP's uniqid() function is "slow".

I am not afraid of specs/RFCs. My knowledge of the Onix standard and my contributions to TEA's e-book metadata server should be enough to prove it. From time to time, I also refer to RFCs like the RFC 7231, the RFC 7807 and even the RFC 2324

I deliver. I know how to work with a team to do the required job within the schedule. I can deal with evolving requirements and I coordinate with other teams when necessary.

I do things

I had various roles. Depending on the team and the project's needs, I can play different roles. Developer, lead developer, architect, even "occasional sysadmin" or interviewer for potential new colleagues if needed.

I am not just a developer. One of the greatest way to learn is to share our knowledge. That's one of the reasons why I take a great pleasure when I mentor junior developers, help my colleagues or teach to students.

I communicate well. Don't see me as the developer writing code alone in his room. I do not hide myself behind a dark screen full of green symbols, quite the opposite. I can be found giving presentations to my colleagues, more formal talks in conferences, … I also am an adept of pair programming and code reviews. In all these occasions, but also for written exchanges, I always try to be precise, diplomatic and honest.

I contribute to Open-Source software. I created RulerZ, maintained VichUploaderBundle for some years and made contributions to countless projects such as Kibana, PHP-CS-Fixer, phpsa, dnsdock, …

I'm a nice person

I am pragmatic. Don't worry, I wont be the one making a tantrum because we are not using the latest shiny tool or trendy technology. I take the time to think about what problem the team is trying to solve and the context of the project to formulate an opinion.

I have a life outside of work and other interests than software engineering so I play well even with non-technical people and I don't always talk about work.

My colleagues like working with me. I am calm even under stress, joyful, often making puns, not easily offended and I will not try to convert you to VIM. I swear.

But you don't have to believe me, you can ask the people that I have worked with:

Interested? Have some questions? Contact me at contact@kevingomez.fr.
Or find out more about my previous positions by reading my résumé.