Announcing… a Backstage announcements plugin

Technical announcements addressed to engineers are usually made in various places: meetings, Slack channels, Confluence pages, e-mails, …

This plethora of communication channels makes it relatively easy to miss out on relevant information when it’s announced, and almost impossible to re-discover it after the fact.

What if the single pane of glass provided by an engineering portal such as Backstage could be used instead?

With the @k-phoen/backstage-plugin-announcements Backstage plugin, information can be share directly to engineers via a tool they already use every day: their portal.

announcements banner

New information will be highlighted, making sure that nothing gets unnoticed, and previous announcements will always be readable in the plugin or discoverable within Backstage’ search engine!

announcements search

Check out the plugin’s GitHub repository to see everything it can do for you, and feel free to open an issue or pull request if you notice anything that should be improved!