New life, new blog

I launched my first blog in 2007, when I started to attend lycée (the American equivalent would be High School I guess, something like 9th or 10th grade). While most my posts were kinda tech-oriented, the rest of them were… well let’s say that I was young and that I’ve evolved since!

And here I am, eight years later, about to graduate in computer science and still posting on this old Wordpress blog. But all the good things eventually come to an end. My blog and my studies are no exception.

A new chapter starts with change and self-improvement as leitmotiv. I’ll move away from my hometown – Clermont-Ferrand – to do my last internship in Lyon and after that I’ll hopefully manage to find a job and live there. This internship – and some personal projects I’m working on – we’ll be the occasion for me to discover new languages, new technologies and meet other developers.

Now looks like the right time to get a fresh start and my blog will be the first to reflect it. From now on, I’ll try to write as much posts as possible – in English – about what I do at work or for my open-source projects.

And that’s what this new blog will be all about: computer science, open-source… in fact, everything I enjoy doing. All that powered by Jekyll, written in Markown and hosted on GitHub (and yup, PRs accepted).

Stay tuned guys, it’s going to rock.